Children have the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments such as recorders, violin, brass woodwind and guitar in school with staff from the Shropshire Music Service and private providers.

School hosts the Bridgnorth Orchestra. This is run by staff from the Shropshire Music Service. Pupils from St John’s and the surrounding schools enjoy playing together every week.

Shropshire Music Service runs a school choir for all ages in the lunchtimes. The choir attends concerts throughout the year.

In the Summer Term, pupils from Year 3 take part in the annual music “Shropshire Sings” organised by Shropshire Music Service.

Pupils join with Primary and Secondary schools in the Bridgnorth area for music workshops.

All Year 4 pupils have class music lessons throughout the whole academic year, where they are given the opportunity to learn to play the flute or clarinet. The children then perform in a concert as Shrewsbury in June with other primary school pupils and the Shropshire Wind Orchestra.

Year 1 and 2 perform a Christmas musical every year.

Year 5 and 6 pupils perform a musical at the end of the Summer Term.

Pupils from St John’s have also contributed musical and dance routines to the “Bridgnorth’s Got Talent” festival and the Bridgnorth Christmas Lighting event as well as a number of other local celebrations.

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